Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo

Puzzle 1991 Other Broderbund Education Cartoon Adventure Casual

Beautiful exploration game, black and white

I love games that genuinely are about exploration, where your discovery of a space is front and center the core of the game. Well, in this one you will get to explore these beautifully raster graphics, black and white caves, though, caves is more of an umbrella term, for what actually is some cool, almost abstract constructions. What takes away from the game a bit, is the fact that along with the actual messing about in the caves, you also get a map of the way the caves are connected, which, unfortunately, takes away from the fun you have in them. Not that there is anything wrong with this way of getting it done, it's just that well, it rubs a bit of the mystery of the discovery off. Anyway, as an educational game, as it was intended to be looked at, Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo does a good job as well, teaching kids about hypercard usage (a sort of on-site prototypical pseudo linking system, that was the base of HTML!) as well as the beauty of discovery and coordinates. Play it, it's a relaxing experience, not very charged, but cool enough. Similar to Myst in a way, but clearly more original.

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