Disney's Villains' Revenge

Puzzle 1999 Windows Disney Cartoon

Be the happy endings fairy of Disneyland!

Disney's Villains' Revenge is a really interesting take on why all of those Disney stories end up on a happy note. Well, it seems that it is not as straightforward as you may think! Good doesn't always win because it is in the cards, but because someone intervenes! Oh, well, you'll say, isn't this a bit too serious for a Disney kind of game premise? Well, it would be if it were not for the nice actual gameplay that is more in tune with a puzzle collection. But, the above premise makes it so that you'll want to get the puzzles right, a nice way to gain some more motivation. The game features adventure style puzzles, the kind you'd find in puzzle collections, say ClueFinders: Mystery Mansion Arcade or other games that don't want to tell a story as much as they want to just give you leeway to solve puzzles. So, that is going to be your main occupation in the game, while the cutscenes will reveal how you helped out to make it all good in the end. A nice game, thus, one that will spoil some of the endings of some of the better known Disney cartoons. So, maybe you want to see these before going into it. And they are The Fate of Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo and the Snow White Cartoon. So go on, make these classic stories end in happy endings!

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