Puzzle 1997 Dos Webfoot Technologies Cartoon

Fun, entertaining and addictive

Bluppo is a fantastic clone of the game Boulderdash that features over 160 fun levels, a massive amount of detail and challenge and is addictive as hell. The game starts out very easy at first, but soon it will get very hard and you will be struggling for your dear life. The point of the game is to collect as many fish as possible in a single level, all the while preserving your oxygen and avoiding boulders and other menaces that can endanger you. The game is huge, which means that you'll be playing it for a long, long time. And to succeed at the end, you'll have to be damn near perfect, not a single mistake is permitted! Each level has it unique design so you will definitely feel a sense of variety which will keep you interested. The graphics are very nice and the design is original, while the sound effects and music definitely add to your enjoyment. Overall, Bluppo is one of the rare clones of the original game that can actually surpass the original. Two thumbs up!

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