Mickey's 123: The Big Surprise Party

Puzzle 1992 Dos Disney Education Cartoon

For those kids that find difficult the experience of learning

Mickey's 123: The Big Surprise Party is a 1992 cartoony educational game destined to the young ones (pre-school kids, 2-5), having fun and at the same time, learning many cool stuff. You are put in charge to help Mickey Mouse plan a birthday party. But you will not be alone, the most reputed characters from the Disney world, like Goofy and Donald Duck, and more will join you in your adventure! The kids will learn basic concepts of numbers (from one to nine) and the activities they will involve in will amplify their learning process. For example, if you click on a number, Mickey will perform tasks related to that number, you will get that certain amount of guests, items to shop, or he will count in a manner that will show you the significance of that certain number. Among your activities are included: going to the store to buy a present and party decorations, buying food at the supermarket, and choosing which character you want for company. It's fun to observe how Mickey responds to your commands, the animations are splendid, and the interface is easy to get used to. However, I found the gameplay slow moving. This captivating game is also for those children that find difficult the experience of learning and it's the perfect choice for the parents that want something advantageous for their children's education and mind development.

Have great fun and learn about numbers with Mickey Mouse

This game is perfect to the youngest of players (or their parents who will play the game for them if they don't know how to use the computer yet), where they get to help the famous Mickey Mouse organize a birthday party, all the while learning the basic numbers, from one to nine. It teaches them in a very cool way - kids will click on a certain number, and Mickey will do things appropriate to that number, for example if you press three, you will get three guests, three items to shop from and each time, he will slowly count from one to three so he can learn the meaning of the number three. Also, he or she will get to meet the most respected characters from the Disney world, like Goofy and Donald Duck, and many, many more. The great animation and fantastic colorful graphics followed by authentic voice acting will surely add to the fun gaming experience. Much like games from the Super Solvers series which is menat for a bit older kids, the game is highly entertaining and very very fun to play. Show this game to your youngest and they are sure to fall in love in it within moments.

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