Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon!

Simulation 2002 Windows Activision Tycoon style

Remember this, Mr Trump?

If you want to check out one of Presidential candidate Donald Trump's forays into the world of video games, then this business sim is worth a look. However, if you actually want a decent game, then you're best off looking elsewhere, like SimCity or Transport Tycoon, as this one is pretty dry and tedious. As you'd expect from the title, it's a real estate game where the object is simply to become as rich as possible, but which is hampered by some poor visuals and uninteresting gameplay mechanics. You start out with a specified amount of money and must choose from a number of empty areas so you can start buying and building new property, while the AI opponents are doing the same. Once all the areas are gone, the game is essentially a glorified version of Monopoly, where you'll have to build up your areas and improve them, taking taxes from tenants and other such things in order to make as much money as you can while devaluing the property of your opponents. And it's here that the game falls down. Although it could have been an interesting little game, it feels too much like a very basic board game to be truly appealing. Once you've figured things out, which doesn't take long, there isn't really very much to actually keep your attention, as the mechanics are so basic and don't require much thought or strategy. Things aren't helped by the lack of challenge from the AI, which don't put up much of a fight, while the ugly visuals only compound the game's problems. Throw in a slightly clumsy interface, and you're left with a bit of a waste of time.

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