Dr. Brain Thinking Games: Puzzle Madness

Puzzle 1998 Windows Knowledge Adventure Brainteaser Math or logic Strategic scope

Like watching paint dry

There's actually a number of these Dr. Brain games, including the original Castle of Dr. Brain and the Island of Dr. Brain, but unfortunately, while these earlier installments were actually very clever and inventive little puzzlers, this one is just too boring to be worthy of much of your time. This one finds the player in control of Pro, who is a clone of Dr. Brain, and here you're on the trail of Conn, the evil version of the good doctor. In order to track down the evil mastermind, you're going to have to complete a number of puzzles, which bring you into contact with his equally evil companions and which are going to test your every skill. There's a number of puzzle types on offer here, including ones based on logic, but they're rarely confined to one type, so you'll need to strategize and experiment, while also using practical skills and later thinking if you're going to emerge victorious here. Completing puzzles adds new items and companions to your inventory and these then come in handy in defeating your enemies and solving yet more puzzles. While all this sounds quite interesting in theory, in practice it's just too dull to be of any actual fun. Although there's a good variety of puzzles on offer here, they're all very dry and rather tedious, so if you're the sort of person who enjoys more entertaining puzzlers like Bolo Adventures, then you're probably going to get a bit bored and frustrated here. There's no denying what's on offer here is clever, but for the average puzzle fan, this is probably going to be a turnoff.

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