Puzzle 1997 Windows Soleau Software Brainteaser Math or logic

A race against the clock to capture all the squares!

There are many ways to simulate strategic confrontations. Some games are more literal about the maneuvers, as most real time strategies are, some are less so, trying to create their very own microcosms of rules and regulations. But, if you think about it, the strategy game, the actual game theory calculations that all these games rely on, are your capability to use these abstractions and interact with them in meaningful ways. And Squarex, within this way of thinking is a damn good strategy, very abstract and yet very engaging, mentally. It asks you to capture the square based field by moving, turn based in one of the four possible directions. Your strategy is to capture as much as possible, taking care to make the best move possible at any given time. Oh, and don't forget, you can't really linger upon it, you have to really put some effort into it, as Squarex is played under the pressure of a constantly ticking clock! Graphically it's an alright looking title, nothing to write home about, but well suited for the job it needs to do. Give it a try, or, alternatively, see Takeout, another highly abstract puzzler/strategy game, even deeper than this one here. Or, you know what? Go for Rubik's Games, as they are square based as well and more original than the mind twisting cube toy!

Played in 1988

I came around this game somewhere in 1988, and I was really captivated by it. the challenge was enormous, and all my friends that saw it, were challenged as well. Every one would enjoy a game depending on the circumstantial setting in which the individual is. In my case, the challenge to hit a certain target, made the game of squarex, a very interesting game.

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