Bolo Adventures I

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Soleau Software Strategic scope

40 levels of brain teasing block based puzzling

Bolo Adventures I is a puzzler, containing exactly 40 puzzle boards; you control this little stick man, and you want him out of the confines of each room. To do so, you move blocks around to make a path for yourself, or to block the laser beams that abound in there. Sure enough, Bolo Adventures I is hard, but it takes a lenient increase in difficulty, and so you have the time to get used to it. But, nonetheless, in spite of its simple looks, it sure does a great job of keeping you entertained. And, another cool pointer that this game is all about is the fact that it combines all sort of environmental hazards with traps and with a whole load of other such movement impeding things, that just make it harder for you to progress. Graphically, well, this 94 game looks a lot older than it actually is! Nope, it doesn't shine in this department, but if you've cut your teeth with the oldies of the 80s and the lesser looking 90s shareware titles, this one too will look the part. Download Bolo Adventures II as well, for a few more tight spaces to navigate and escape, as this one also ups the graphical ante with a few notches.

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