Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox First Row Software Publishing Science Fiction Humorous

Crazy Matrix-style text adventure

This isn't exactly one of the best known examples of interactive fiction, like the Zork series, but if you are a follower of such games it is one of the finest in the genre. It's very different from the usual fantasy examples like The Hobbit or science fiction stories like The Tracer Sanction so if you fancy something a little unusual and out there, then this needs to be checked out. The plot line is a bit bonkers and finds the player willingly choosing to be a human guinea pig to test out the good doctor's newest machine. However, as you might expect, things don't go entirely according to plan and it's not long before you find yourself inside the mind of the machine. Thus begins a crazy adventure through a world created entirely by the computer itself and which is by turns, challenging, insane and highly stimulating. The whole thing is driven by a clever and intuitive parser system which is easily on a par with the best of Infocom's output, so if you are an old hand at this kind of thing or a newcomer, it's easy to get to grips with the game. The writing too is first rate, with excellent and highly imaginative descriptions of the off-the-wall situations that you experience and which really help to bring the world to like. The map is extensive and will take some time to explore, something which is made more so by the puzzles which are extremely challenging. They're not impossible but will give even hardened veterans a run for their money so bear this is mind if you're not looking for a challenge. If you are up to it though, this makes for a great adventure.

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