The Hobbit

Adventure 1983 Dos Dosbox Beam Software Graphical IF

Text based adventure aided by graphic cards

The Hobbit is one of the mostly fondly remembered ZX Spectrum text based adventures from back in the day. What it offered was a combination of the adventures of Frodo, delivered text based, aided from time to time by colorful though low pixel count pictures. The game was really fun to play, not the easiest but not the hardest either. If you had read the Hobbit, the game became a little more easier at times, but, to be frank, today, going back to it without at least a guide can prove troublesome. On the ZX the game sported a really good parser, which indeed favored simple phrases, with little other contents. On the DOS, the same parser seems to have survived with little changes. Another change in this version has to do with the better overall static images that have been brought forth, not leaps and bounds ahead of the ZX original, but at least more colorful. So, now you have all it takes to go back to this staple adventure. It is fun, has easy and interesting puzzles and will present you with Frodo's journey in a manner you will most certainly like, if you are a fan of the novel.

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