The Honeymooners

Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox First Row Software Publishing Humorous

4 minigames; similar to a 50s TV show

The Kramden family looks forward to spending their honeymoon in the beautiful Miami beach, something that is a little bit outside their budget at the moment; however, they can raise the amount of money necessary by completing a series of challenges; so, this is a bundle of 4 minigames; one minigame is called No If's, And or Bus which is a transportation type of minigame; you have to transport as many passengers to their destinations as fast as possible, you get points for each passenger that gets to go to where he/she needs to. Another minigame is a sewer working one, which is more of a memory based maze game, as you have to navigate a sewer by memory. And then, there's a department store clerk sim puzzle, which plays more like a jig saw puzzle, where you have to complete each image in a short amount of time. There is also a chance that you can get anther minigame, a sort of TV in game show, which is trivia based. However, answer wrong and you don't get the points. All in 2D, alright graphics, and relatively easy to play. A similar game is also Puzzle Fun-Pak, if you're in a mood for minigames.

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