Dr. Horst

Puzzle 2002 Windows Code Guru Tetris variant

Tetris and Dr. Mario like

Similar to the way Dr Mario played, with a mechanic that revolved around chaining together 4 different pills, made out of 2 different colored ends, in Dr. Horst you pretty much get the very same thing, only that, in comparison, in this game, the entire business is colored a bit differently. So, if you felt that Dr. Mario was a bit too colorful for you, this one has a much cleaner, white-ish theme, while the gameplay is for all intents and purposes the same. The pills pop from above and you can turn them upside down, and you can tilt them sideways, while also deciding where they will fall. If any 4 portions of the pills align in color, they will be taken out of the container, making place for a new batch of pills. Thus, the entire game is pretty simple, but it has that continual drive to align even more of them, as in most Tetris like games. Also, Dr. Horst has nice animations, a number of 20 different levels and overall, very fast and responsive controls. Play it if you want something to remind you of the good old days of the NES console, when playing Dr. Mario was the highlight of your day and you had nothing better to do!

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