Adult 1995 Windows Anonymous Puzzle based Arcade style

X-Tetris: Guess what the X stands for!

To be perfectly fair, X-Tetris is a 100 percent functional, enjoyable game of Tetris - the good old Tetris that Alexey Pajitnov invented (and wasn't paid a dime for!) but this time, instead of non descript bricks, you will be tasked with arranging naked bodies in positions that, well, seem to want to do nothing than to create the world's largest and most intricate sex orgy on the face of the planet! For those that have been abducted by aliens in the last 3 decades, Tetris is a puzzler, actually the best and most addictive puzzlers there is. Bricks, or in this game's case, bodies, (contorted in many interesting sexual positions) fall from above. You have to make sure that no holes (sic!) remain unfilled. Once an entire line of bodies, has been set up it will go away and allow other unfulfilled bricks to fall from over yonder. So, yeah, the game plays great, will probably teach you a thing or two about sexual positions and will make you dream of falling naked bodies from above. What else can you ask of good old Tetris, eh?

By a big tetris fan

I like this game, it's funny. I thought this game was FUN! I am a big tetris fan, but this added a completely new twist. At first the naked body shapes were a bit distracting (in a funny way), and figuring out how to 'position' them to actually play the game was a bit challenging, you might be too busy laughing at the falling naked bodies! As far as the 'adult content' of this game, I found it more amusing than offensive. It's a fresh twist on Tetris, the graphics are sufficient, and it's definitely more fun than playing with multi-colored blocks! I enjoyed this game immensly, but wouldn't recommend playing it at work!

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