Puzzle 2003 Windows Tetris variant

A combo of Dr Mario plus Tetris

If you were a lucky 80s kid, then you would have had your NES, and one of the staple games for the console would have been the puzzler Dr. Mario. But, imagine combining Tetris with Dr. Mario and you will know exactly what this game here feels like. It's a cool game, a puzzler. You have to match some balls, of different colors in the game area. The ones that you manage to get one next to another, in rows, of the same color will both afford you points while also getting away from the table, allowing for more balls to take its place. So, all in all, Baktinet is a great combination of gameplay styles, and a puzzler that never gets too hard, even in spite of the way it progresses, in speed and number of puzzle boxes. It's also, very satisfying to play against others in hot seat mode, so try it in that fashion as well. Also, graphically, it's a modern, colorful game, which is also worth mentioning, as it sure looks great, with beautiful details and great production value, overall. So, if you want a classic feel good puzzler, this sure can be it!

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