Alizarin Tetris - Atris

Puzzle 2001 Windows Tetris variant

One of the most customizable Tetris games ever

Having played a lot of Tetris variations, I have to admit that many of them just offered you some choice, though, generally, they were just trying to offer you a bit here and a bit there, but nothing too nice. So, you might have ended up liking a portion or a certain detail of this game, and a detail of this one, but none had all these elements together. Alizarin Tetris – Atris understood that if one is looking for a different kind of Tetris then, some will also be looking for a Tetris game that can be customized according to that individual's preference. Thus instead of just picking a background and a brick color for you, this one has these settings free to change, for you. And not only that, but there are so many parameters you can mess with, gameplay ones, and graphical ones that you can end up with a very different looking version of Tetris, from player to player. The engine that makes this all thing possible is a very potent one, which is why you won't have any issues getting the exact kind of variation you'd like. So, definitely if you want to design your own Tetris look this game will offer you a great palette of choices.

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