Dr. Rudy

Puzzle 1992 Dos Kevin Jay North Tetris variant

A very challenging tetris like clone

It is basically a puzzle game which is considered as a Tetris clone and is even better If you go with my verdict. The gameplay here is that you have germs to kill in a bottle. In order to make the killing, you have to match the pills with different colors with the colors of the germs, it is not that simple because you will have to match around three same colored pills with the color of germ to make him evaporate along with the pills. So this means that one red germ with 3 red pills is your target. The gameplay gets difficult and difficult with every passing level and this makes the game more and more challenging. It is the challenging features in the game that makes it better than Tetris for me. The level designs in the game are pretty diverse and unique and so are the elements which we call the germs here. The graphics are ordinary but colorful and the user interface is friendly and attractive. You will also like the controls because they are quite swift and well-tuned with the gameplay. It is a very good overall with a very good gameplay and variety. Dr. Horst is another theme which is liked by many puzzle game lovers.

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