Dragon Force - The Day 3

Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox SKC Soft Vertical shooter Anime

Nothing special, yet very fun

Dragon Force is one of three games in a trilogy of side scrolling shooter games from Korea that have a pretty neat anime-ish look that will probably attract otakus and mecha lovers from all over (like the game G-Darius or Darius Gaiden). The game is nothing special and doesn't bring anything new for the franchise, but it is worth looking at because of the very nice futuristic design, the anime-ish look and great gameplay. The gameplay itself is pretty typical - fly your ship, shoot at enemies that are coming at you and battle bosses at the end. It might have sounded boring and typical, but the state of the art graphics and animation save the day here - the enemies are various and really tough, and they look good. There is also a fantastic soundtrack playing in the background, with cool sound effects. The game is nothing revolutionary, but still a fun way to fill a boring afternoon with some cool explosions.

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