RayForce - Layer Section

Arcade 1996 Windows Interplay Vertical shooter Anime

The shooting dynamics are really good

It is a classic arcade style vertical shooter game which has some very good action and some in depth variety. You will be controlling a ship that can target both enemies on earth and in the space environment. The main weapon that you have with your ship is the destructive laser gun which has around 6 levels of powers. The more the power on the laser gun, the more destruction it will cause. The game basically involves 2D action and has some very good animations in terms of the movements that the ship makes and in terms of the action while the destruction is on. Before you start blazing with your laser, you will need to lock the enemies. Multi locking is allowed in the game and you can lock around 7 different targets at a single time and then set fire. The larger the number of locked targets, the more the points you will gain. The game is also very good in terms of the variety of power ups and other items that are used to repair your ship. The controls are very intuitive and the UI is very supportive. I loved the way how they have managed to keep the game simple and yet addictive and easy and yet competitive. It reminds me of the original Layer Section which was also a very good game.

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