Assault Dragon

Action 1995 Windows Gameland Science Fiction Arcade style

Colorful, well balanced sidescroller shooter

One of the starting points of this game, storywise is the very old and tired but yet still exciting enough and always a great way to prepare a player for alien hordes. What it is, is, as you'd expect, the alien invasion, ooh, really massive and really destructive, and the resilient humans trying to put an end to it. The alien breed in this one is called Macross, and they sure are many. But don't worry, you are a wielder of great war technology yourself! Your left to right ship can really go fast, it can acquire a lot of new toys of mass destruction (!) and it can leave a mark, a substantial mark on the alien population! As such, all the elements that make a great sidescroller shooter are there. As long as you feel like shooting and railing down from left to right, this game will have these amenities for you, and they are presented in a good envelope. Play it, and download a game such as Dragon Force around as well, which is part of the series, which will surely offer you more material for destruction and alien annihilation! Dixit!

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