Darius Gaiden

Arcade 1995 Windows Conspiracy Entertainment Vertical shooter Anime

Are you tough enough?

Anyone who numbers themselves amongst the hardcore shooter crowd and appreciates such classics as Tyrian, The Reap and G-Darius should certainly consider adding this classic to their collection. It's got everything you need from such a game, including a hilariously poorly translated plot, stunning visuals, some cool weapons and some truly intense shooting action. In many ways there's nothing new here and the game certainly doesn't add much to the genre that it hasn't seen before, but it doesn't matter when things are this exciting. There's the usual nonsense plot here, with some great text that shows they didn't spend much on the translators, and once that's out of the way, it's on to the good stuff. This is a horizontal shooter, so you can expect to zoom your way through some spectacular levels of varying kinds, while blasting everything that gets in your way. There's a clever level up system for your weapons which really helps to keep you on your toes, and of course the obligatory tough boss fights. Let's get one thing straight here and that's that this is one tough game. Don't even think about playing unless you're prepared for battles that will test your flying and blasting skills, but if you are up for the challenge, this is one of the best examples of the genre. The visuals are gorgeous, with some classic enemy and level design that just oozes personality, while the sound is just as fantastic, with some seriously funky tunes. The weapons are fun to use, the action relentless and fast-paced, the controls tight and responsive, so really, if you're into shooters, you need this.

Silverhawk fighters will destroy everything!

In Darius Gaiden you have to shoot your way into the bases of the enemies, sidescroller like, but you also soar through the air, and the game has a heavy space shooter feel to it also. It has loads of levels to go through, and, also, it has a beautiful and well constructed background, for each level. Graphically, it looks like a futuristic, Sci Fi themed game. Here and there, the main shooting and soaring through the air build gets an addition of puzzles, yet even these are solves also through shooting. Also, the game features not too many, yet very nicely produced bosses. They are not the smartest around, but do have certain weaknesses that you have to find out first and try to find the way to exploit them. Having originally been an arcade game, produced by Taito, the Windows 3.1 conversion is still pretty heavy in action, so give it a go, if you know of the original, this one will be very similar to that one. Else, download Ravage, a Tyrian like shooter of the vertical type, and with a very good production value.

A great shoot 'em up

Here one special shooter arcade series Darius, in this game, you control a really cool looking ship and fly it in a 2D setting, shooting obstacles or other ships that are trying to destroy you. After each level you have a miniboss that you have to destroy and at the end of the game you battle with the big boss and the main antagonist of the game, Belser. What I really like is the great desing of the ships and enemies. The enemies look more like biomechanichal fish monsters than real ships. The visuals are really superb and great sound effects help you to really get into the game. The gameplay is simple, the visuals are awesome and the sound is very cool and upbeat. The game is fit for both kids and adults, since it's really a fun no brainer shoot em up game. The whole Darius series is fantastic and this game doesn't stray from it's path.

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