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Shooter heaven

Taito is arguably the king of the arcade game scene, and has been responsible for any number of classics over the years, including the original shoot 'em up, Space Invaders, Operation Wolf, Bubble Bobble and Chase HQ. G-Darius takes its place in this impressive roster and is a fine example of the side scrolling shooter that stands alongside other classics like Gradius, R-Type and Gunstar Heroes. G-Darius is the fourth in the series and retains many of the staple features of the genre, including the futuristic setting, 2D graphics, powerups and cool weapons. However, three dimensional polygonal graphics are also added into the mix to lend the game some extra visual flair, while there are also some other notable and novel features. For example, the 'capture ball' upgrade allows for enemies to be captured and then used against their comrades, acting as shields, gun turrets or even bombs, while 'beam duelling' occurs during boss fights if both the player and boss activate their lasers simultaneously. Frantic button pushing is required if the player is to emerge victorious. G-Darius sports some impressive visuals, with unusual and stylish bio-mechanical designs for the enemies, while the music and sound are appropriately futuristic and add to the excitement. The branching paths which open up whenever a boss is defeated increase the game's replay value and overall, this is a first rate shooter.

A fantastic shooter arcade game

G - Darius is a very fun shooter arcade game with mixed 2D and 3D graphics released for Microsoft Windows and Playstation 1 and 2 in 1997. The game is the fourth installment in the Darius arcade series and by my opinion the absolute best. Its also very simple in its gameplay. The plane you're flying is moving on its own and you only have to move it up and down in the air and shoot at the various alien crafts or other enemies coming at you Throughout the level you can receive power ups for your weapon and at the end of the level there is a boss enemy who you have to defeat to go on. The plot revolves around evil bio mechanical vessels that are on a crusade to destroy your home planet of Blazar. With fantastic animation, rich texture and an amazing mix of 2D and 3D graphics with great and upbeat background music, the game is a beauty to see and a great deal of fun to play. This great arcade shooter game is perfect for both kids and adults and guarantees loads of fun for hours on end.

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