Dragon Knight 4

RPG 1994 Dos Elf Co. Oriental Anime

The Dragon Knight returns

The Dragon Knight series of fantasy RPGs might not be super well known in the West but they're actually pretty decent little games that are well worth a look if you're into Final Fantasy and Zelda (although there is a bit of adult content here, so beware). This fourth entry is actually one of the better entries and although it's a sequel to Knights of Xentar, you can probably figure out what's going on here without having played that one. The story picks up after our hero, Desmond in the Western version, defeated the ultimate evil, with his slightly perverted son now finding himself caught up in a similarly epic quest to defeat an evil wizard who wants to everyone into rocks. The game itself is a tactical RPG, where you do a bit of exploring and suchlike, but which focuses mostly on combat. This involves controlling various units in battles, which are organized according to the class of their leader, and then taking on some pretty mean enemies in turn-based fights. If you don't mind hard games featuring a bit of nudity and suchlike, then you should get a kick out of this. It's not got the most original storyline in RPG history, but despite the usual fantasy cliches, it does prove quite engaging, with some interesting characters and a few twists and turns. There's a good range of options and customization to be done, but the battles are very difficult so unless you're prepared for this, then you might want to look elsewhere. The visuals are decent if not spectacular, but if you're after a tough and engaging RPG, this could be what you're after.

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