Knights of Xentar

Adult 1991 Dos Dosbox MegaTech Software Anime Role playing

Not a knight to remember

Knights of Xentar is the only Dragon Knight game to be released outside of Japan and is a typically bonkers mix of Dungeon Master, Zelda and Do You Like Horny Bunnies? It's basically a dungeon crawling RPG which also throws in some adults-only nudity and sex scenes, so it isn't for the easily offended but it also doesn't contain much in the way of gameplay, so you might be better off with Final Fantasy. The game finds you in control of a young hero who, after having saved the land of Strawberry Fields in Dragon Knight II, now finds himself the victim of a cruel thief. After approaching the local mayor for some jobs to get your money back, you then find yourself in an epic adventure which will see you facing the mystery of your very identity. What follows is a pretty light RPG, where you'll explore towns and a large world map in top down perspective, while combat plays out in real time and is viewed from side on, and where you issue orders to various characters in your party. The story is perhaps the game's main appeal, due to its adult nature, with lots of pretty girls to meet and who can be very appreciative of your efforts to help them out, although there are also some fairly disturbing images which might not sit too well with many Western gamers. Surprisingly enough, the translation here is pretty decent, with some genuinely humorous moments along the way, but unfortunately, in most other respects, this is less than stellar stuff. The visuals are below par and the gameplay fairly minimal, so really, this is easily skipped.

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