Final Fantasy II

RPG 1988 Nintendo Square Enix Anime Action based

A game from the best RPG series ever

The very long running Final Fantasy series is one of the most popular and unique RPG's in the history of gaming, courtesy of the country of Japan. The series has progressed in a wild way, from the simplest graphics and gameplay to the games of the highest quality and complexity. This, second game of the series, is a very fresh insight in how the game looked like in the early nineties (compare that to today's Final Fantasy XI!). In the game, you control four playable characters, each with their own specialities. The gamplay is typical for all FF games - you freely roam the world the game is set in and there are random encounters included in the game's programming, and these are very important for you character's growth. There is of course an intricate and complex plotline, an that is my favorite part of all Final Fantasy games. The way the game makes you close to the game's characters, breath and feel with them, is beyond me. The game's experience will definitely be overwhelming. If you give it a shot, you will fall in love with the whole Final Fantasy series. The graphics and audio are both outstanding, very detailed and colorful and years ahead of games of the time. The game's soundtrack is, as in all Final Fantasy games, composed by the famed Nobuo Uematsu and it is truly a masterpiece. There are no more words than I can say for this game but to say - try it out. You won't be sorry.

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