Dragon's Lair

Arcade 1989 Dos Sullivan Bluth Interactive Media Humorous Tales and legends Action Adventure Casual

Poor game substitute to the original laserdisc version

Dragon's Lair on the DOS system is far from some well oiled, just slightly dissimilar to the laserdisc arcade cabinet original. Nope, this one is a total mess, just a tad better than the NES version, which, for most intents and purposes was just unplayable. So, as in the original, at least in the idea, you control your fearless hero towards the princess that needs saving. However, where the original was built with animated movie slides, and had as gameplay just quick time events, this one at least is a classic sidescroller. But, oh, it's broken! It's got animations that are just horrendous, and they are timed so badly that at times you don't even feel that is you who's controlling the game! Plus, the world (if you have the patience to see more than the first screen of the game!) is unbelievably ugly and uninteresting. So, well, if you're like the Angry Video Game Nerd, and just have a psychotic need to play all the weirdly unplayable and broken experiences, go ahead, this, in those terms, is a classic! Else, if you want a cool arcader/sidescroller/platformer mix, just play yer olde Super Mario Bros 3, a genius game, that is almost unbeaten to this day!

Be a hero!

Dragon's Lair is a 1989 action fantasy game where you play as Dirk the Daring, a knight with a difficult mission: he has to save the kidnapped Princess named Daphne. She was taken to the castle of Singe, the dragon. Your progress assumes only finding the dragon, because the rest of the story will continue in the second game. The view is from a third-person perspective, challenging your visual capacities in avoiding various traps throughout the gameplay, in defeating enemies and trying to survive the threats. The defending strategy implies performing the right moves with the joystick in the correct direction or pressing the action/fire button so that he can avoid getting killed, by using the sword. You have to keep in mind that a wrong direction will be fatal, so you have to be prepared any moment. You will enjoy the cartoonish and detailed graphics, and the fantastic animations, but you will probably be tired of the low quality of the controls. When you reach empty rooms, pay attention, because enemies will appear from nowhere causing a real jumble.The final boss, more exactly the dragon, will probably seem to you less frightening than expected. Well, if you are into legends and knight stories, try Dragon's Lair!

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