Bolo Adventures III

Puzzle 1996 Dos Dosbox Soleau Software Strategic scope

Ends the series, puzzler and topdown action

Bolo Adventures is a series of topdown action that is highly playable, combines puzzles with action very nicely and ultimately is capable of creating a very exhilarating, well made and well engaging gameplay. The main ideas is that you have to move blocks in a maze, so as to gain access to the exit. This needs to be tried with care and with a few moves ahead, in your head, as otherwise you risk blocking your way in there. That happens because you can only push a block, and not pull it in front of you, and that is the catch. But, diversity wise, due to the imaginative maze builds, Bolo Adventures III as the others in the series is great. Besides this main puzzle, there are also laser beam and mirror puzzles, enemy avoiding or fighting portions and some one off only moments that are kind of cool. Plus, there is a story that binds your puzzling, as well as the games within the series and that too is rare and nice to find in a mainly puzzle focused game. Download it, it will surprise you in a nice way.

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