Deadly Rooms of Death: Journey to Rooted Hold

Puzzle 2005 Windows Akella Strategic scope Rpg

Another classic entry in a classi series

This is the second entry in the classic DROD series of turn-based puzzlers, and while it doesn't deviate too much from the established formula, it's simply too enjoyable and inventive for this to matter. As with other games in the series, there' s a surprisingly detailed story to back up the fun, and which revolves around series regular Beethro and his nephew Halph as they set off on what looks to be a harmless jaunt but which soon turns into something much more complex. This translates into a top down puzzler, where you must explore 350 plus rooms, battling monsters and using your noggin to solve the fiendish traps that have been laid for you. The trick, as with all games in the series, is that this plays out in turn-based fashion, which is a nice touch as it allows you to play as quickly or as slowly as you desire. Playing in either style retains the enjoyment factor, and it's nice to have this flexibility. This really is another classic entry in a classic series. There is simply so much variety to the puzzles, with new mechanics introduced regularly, that you can't help but be hooked from the start. The turn-based mechanic is a stroke of genius, and really broadens the game's appeal. The story too is told with humor and an unexpected lightness of touch, making this of even greater interest and which helps the game stand out from the usual puzzlers. The visuals retain the simple but charming style that has been adopted from the outset, and overall, this deserves to be added to the collection of any serious puzzle fan.

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