Chip's Challenge

Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox Epyx Brainteaser Arcade style Indie

Delightful little brainteaser

For those moments when you need a quick fix of head scratching, brain teasing fun, Chip's Challenge is the perfect solution to your woes. It combines a surprisingly touching story which many gamers can probably relate to, with an extensive line-up of cunning puzzles to create an enjoyable experience that is well worth picking up. The story relates how a loveable geek, Chip wants to join the local computer club, which just happens to be run by the cute Melinda. Before he can join though, he must prove his worth by completing 150 or so puzzles which will show he's got what it takes to join the ranks of the Bit Busters. The puzzles are many and varied, but are all tile-based, requiring Chip to manipulate switches, make clever use of blocks, shoes and tools to create bridges or avoid obstacles and other such tasks in order to reach each level's exit. It's the sheer variety of tasks on display here that makes the game such a winner and each level will really test your lateral thinking skills as well as your reactions, making this a great game when you need an all-over mental workout. The graphics really aren't anything to write home about, being very basic and lacking in any kind of detail but that isn't a problem as it is the core gameplay that is the draw here and pretty much every aspect in this respect is spot on. The puzzles are challenging enough but if you do complete them all, then the game still has plenty of replay value as there is lots of inventive to go back and beat your best score or time. This really is a delightful and addictive little gem that is well worth a look.

A fantastic brainteaser

This is a game that will make you feel like you are playing not one, but six or seven different games. The premise is this - Chip is totally and absolutely in love with this girl Melanie and desperately wants to ask her out. But to get to her, he has to go through bunch of rooms, filled with so many puzzles that Chips head feels like it's about to burst. Well, let's get going then. What is so special and unique about this game is that no level is similar - each level has a different type of puzzle and different strategies are needed to get to the end of the level. Sometimes you'll have to run, sometimes you will have to stop and think, sometimes there are multiple solutions, sometimes there is just one. The game is extremely fun and addictive and the unpredictableness of the levels is a reason to go on playing until you're finally finished. The graphics are pretty simple and a bit grainy, but since the game is old and the gameplay so good, I'll let it slide. An absolute treat for puzzle lovers! The game reminds me a lot of an other game called Rescue Rover so if you want a similar game, give that one a shot.

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