DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale

RPG 2008 Windows Caravel Games Strategic scope Turn based Role playing Puzzle Adventure Indie Strategy

A spin-off done right

This is a spinoff from the main DROD series of puzzlers (which are superb by the way and deserve to be played), and takes the franchise into an new direction. It retains many of the concepts of the core series, the turn-based mechanic, the puzzling and exploration, but adds in many of the staples of the RPG genre to create a new experience which is just as rewarding. The game takes place in the same universe as the other titles, and sees you in the role of a soldier who is trapped beneath the surface and who must make his way out. There's a surprisingly deep storyline here, but to reveal too much here would be to ruin one of the game's core elements, so suffice to say it will keep you hooked. The gameplay is still turn-based and what makes this different from other titles is that nothing is randomly generated, with encounters, items and puzzles instead carefully crafted to ensure a minimum of grinding and a maximum of enjoyment. As the game is turn-based and crafted, the decision about which combat encounters to play through is entirely yours, as you can avoid enemies if you want, or take them on head to head. It's this sense of freedom that is another of the game's core draws and it really is immensely successful. The visuals retain that simple, overhead perspective of the series, but are quite charming in their own way, while the range of weapons and items should please any dedicated RPG fan. Tendry's Tale really is a delightful little game that is brimming with inventiveness and entertainment at every turn, so check it out if you want a good time.

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