Arcade 1994 Dos CodeWraith Software Puzzle based

Let's go exploring!

It's time for another slice of knock-off heaven with this unoriginal but strangely addictive clone of the classic arcade/action/puzzle game Boulderdash. This one doesn't exactly add anything new to the original concept but manages to be fun and exciting nonetheless so if you have a hankering for some more of the same, you should have a good time here. The game follows pretty much exactly the same template as the ground-breaking original with the player exploring a series of complex cave-like levels which are packed with obstacles and treasure. The goal is simply to grab all the treasure on each level, which opens up the exit which must then be reached before the next similar level can be attempted. Standing between the player and untold riches however, are numerous boulders which are the principal obstacle to be overcome. By removing the sandy patches which also take up much of each level, the rocks tumble dangerously downwards, requiring fast reactions and quick thinking in order to avoid and survive. Boulderoid really isn't original but it manages to overcome this fact by simply being well done. It's not quite as fluid as its inspiration but the controls are well implemented, making it a breeze to control. Moreover, the levels on display here are generally well designed and provide plenty of challenge for genre veterans. As with the original, much of the enjoyment here comes from the fact that you can play the game how you want to, either taking your time to plan out your moves or just going hell-for-leather and hoping it all works out. When you throw in the cool and chunky visuals, you're left with a highly enjoyable clone of a classic.

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