Pako 2

Arcade 1995 Dos Uranium Software Puzzle based Item collection Strategic scope

A faster and more diverse take on classic Pac Man

You have to give it to the Pako series: while at heart it is the same arcade pellet eating, maze stroller game that the original Pac Man was, it brings enough change to the original recipe to be a worth a go. The first change worth mentioning is that the maze now holds some powerups that are more diverse then the ones present in the original, plus, they're not relegated to the corners of the maze either. The second change, which some might enjoy more than others has to do with the faster speed of the action. Your Pako moves a lot faster than Pac Man or Pac Lady, and therefore, this game might be a bit more enjoyable for those that have already cut their teeth on the gameplay of the original games. This second game in the series is also a bit more pumped up graphically, which is also a great feature of it: it features a better looking set of mazes (yap, there are much more maze setups than in the original games, which only featured one maze) each one increasingly more challenging. The let down is the fact that the ghosts all seem to behave the same, without the more diverse behavior patterns of the originals. So, give Pako 2 a try if you want an arcade blast from the past, but have already experienced Pac Man enough times.

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