Ducati World: Racing Challenge

Racing 2001 Windows Acclaim Motorbike City race

Thrilling bike race!

It is a thrilling bike racing game which has the elements of fun and excitement with some very good chunk of features. The bikes given in this game are all the top racing bikes of those times and emphasis have been given to how they look. The racing physics is very good and is quite realistic in terms of the actions that you can do with your bikes. You have different modes in the game which includes the arcade mode and the carrier mode. The arcade mode allows you to race individually with other racers in a split screen display and can also go for time race mode. The career mode is an extensive one and allows you to earn rewards. Winning races and earning rewards will also allow you to buy different gears which includes leather jackets, helmet and other stuff for customizing the bikes on which you race on. Similarly you can unlock a variety of different tracks and those tracks will be saved for future races as well. The controls in the game are top notch and are so are the brilliant graphics. The A1 is really tough and enables some really thrill racing. For more racing action, try World Racing.

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