Crazy Taxi

Racing 2000 Windows SEGA Car and action City race Action Adventure

Make crazy money with Crazy Taxi

It's time for CRRRRRRRAAAAZZZZZYYYY TAXI! Fast pasted arcade action, SEGA does it best. You don't need driving skills for this game, the only thing you're racing up against is the timer around the big apple and dodging traffic along the way. Pick up your customers around the city and take them to where they want to go, on the way pull of some stunt moves like jumps and drifts to rack up your score, also a small bonus tip from the customer. Depending how fast you get the customer to their destination, the bigger the fare.Crazy Taxi gives you many options to make your rounds more fun, with different cities, drivers, cars, and customer destinations.If you you're familiar with Crazy Taxi at the arcades or the on the SEGA Dreamcast, you'll notice no difference as this is a fantastic port. The only noticeable difference is the soundtrack, which won't bother everyone.There are some bonus rounds to unlock hidden features, this is the mode that will make you know why the game is titled "Crazy", although all of these levels are possible, it's surely a challenge.Be sure to try this title out if you love driving games, it's a lot of fun with oh so much replay value.

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