World Racing

Racing 2003 Windows 1C Company Car simulation Driving

For all the Mercedes-Benz fans

World Racing is a 2003 racing game created for the Mercedes-Benz fans, as they will receive the opportunity to drive those car models. You will drive over 100 original Mercedes-Benz vehicles, through 117 various tracks with 7 large terrains (in locations like Nevada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, the Alps, the City, and the Test Centre). The levels involve different missions for the racing maniacs like Sport Runs, Trainings, Test Runs, Checkpoint Races, Endurance Contests and many more! You can choose between arcade and simulation gameplay from the menu. The simulation gameplay will offer a new dimension in your life as a racer, and you will face some challenges also found in reality, if you were driving a Mercedes-Benz. If you want to feel the genuine power and traction of such Mercedes car models, the quality and also the failures, then play World Racing. You can choose the AI level of your opponents, and my advice is to set a maximum level of capacity, in order not to experience too stupid situations involving your rivals actions. I found the general design of the tracks and environment very impressive. I assure you that if you offer your whole attention to this game, it will monopolize your time, until you'll realize that any other game hasn't been launched for days.

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