Ford Racing 2

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Hit the gas!

The Ford Racing series is a very different beast from the earlier Ford Simulator franchise, which took a somewhat realistic and rather pedestrian approach to racing games, and for anyone hankering after some high speed thrills and who loves Ford should check out the later games. The more modern games still aren't stunners though, and perhaps not as thrilling as the best of the Need For Speed titles, but they're just about worth a look. There are quite a few options to tinker with here, and you've got a wide selection of Ford vehicles, including Mustangs, GTs and trucks, to try out, and with an equally decent sets of tracks to race them on. These include off-road courses through deserts and jungles, as well as street tracks, ovals and such like, while you can also choose how much control to have over the car, with options including automatic or manual transmission, traction control, anti-lock brakes and so on. There's a multiplayer mode too, and you can also play around with your viewpoint as well as a few other bits and bobs. Ford Racing 2 isn't a bad driving game, but it is a very average one. In its favor, it's got a good selection of cars and tracks, with some nice visuals on the whole. The tracks do vary in terms of detail, with some displaying notably worse textures, while they're also quite bland, which is one area where the game falls down quite significantly. The sense of speed and excitement isn't really there either, so unless you're an absolute diehard nut who loves Ford, you can find a better experience elsewhere.

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