Arcade 1993 Dos ALO-Software Shooter

A decent old game good to try on your free time

Duckhunt is a 1993 arcade shooter game from a 3rd-person perspective. You play as an armed hunter (ASCII-man) that has to appy his shooting skills and use his trigger finger to take down all the rude birds that fly above. If you don't act quickly and if you miss the birds, they will insult you. There are 20 ducks per wave and three different skill levels. Before the game starts, you will choose a skill level, the speed of the flying ducks, one musical score, and the background type. Depending on your preferences and skill level, you can choose between First Time Hunter, Seasoned Hunter, and Professional Hunter. The "DUCK CALL" option starts a wave. There are 3 shots in your gun and after you run out, you must reload. Your ammo is unlimited. The graphics are decent, and the sounds render minimal effects like quacking of the ducks, the blast from your gun, the sound of the reload, and a little few things. If you want a more complex recreation of duck hunting, you should try something else. So, the preferences vary depending on your enthusiasm about this kind of sport and about what you would like to experience. But overall, Duckhunt is an old game that still remains a good game to try on your free time even nowadays.

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