Still Hunt

Arcade 1996 Dos HiCom Shooter Futuristic

Classic but average shooter game

It is a typical arcade style shooter game which is quite addictive in terms of the action and the variety in the gameplay. The game is though not top class but still has a lot of fun tagged with it. You can either play as the male character or you can play as the female character in the game. The plot is that your homeland has been attacked by some mechanized creatures who want to take control and kill your people. Now this side scrolling shooter is all about taking them down through shooting and destruction. The level designs in the game are very unique and get tough as your progress along. You will start with two weapons with either of the characters and that includes a shot gun and a machine gun. Kill the robots and the other enemies carrying specialized weapons so that you can get those weapons. Similarly you can also get grenades at different levels. The characters can shoot in almost 8 directions and the enemies are also tough and intelligent due to the well incorporated A1. The graphics are more than average and the user interface is also god enough. The Meteor Mission is another shooter game which I have always admired.

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