D-Zone - Destruction Zone

Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Julian Cochran Shooter Challenges

A tank battle game with a nice multiplayer

D-Zone - Destruction Zone is a tank based action game, in which you can engage in top down fights with the AI, that can control a number of up to 6 robots, while you, you alone or you along with up to two other players, will want to destroy the computer enemies. To add to the gameplay, you don't solely play to obliterate your enemy, you also play in order to gain points and money, which can then be used to purchase upgrades. And this is where the game gets interesting, because in the arsenal of your tank you can add a lot of the different upgrades, so that the tank that you start with and the one that you can wield later on in the game can be so very different in terms of capabilities. The graphics however, in spite of the game's great gameplay and additional content is abysmal, even for 1990. Your tank is represented as a triangle, a 2D triangle. Most of the map is a grey color; with none too many additional elements to spike up the formula. But, remember, this one was one of the first games to be playable in multiplayer mode over the internet, so a little bit of a concession can be made in regard to how it looks. Today it might no longer be playable online, but you can still play against the PC, and the game is still pretty fun. Download Scorched Earth for a sidescroller shooting game of the early 90s, which, additionally, is about missile control and parabolic shooting, a game that tests your ability to predict trajectories. So lots of fun too!

Influential to game developers

D-Zone (Destruction Zone) by Julian Cochran has become an influential classic amongst game developers. The same guy who made the game is also a famous classical composer from Down Under. Games like D-Zone had a kind of personality that you can't get when a massive team is involved. Playing these older games though takes a bit of imagination - it is not unlike reading a book instead of watching a movie. You can't expect the fun to happen within minutes but by playing for a while you can still reach the depths. D-Zone has this depth.

Strategy-arcade game

This game is interesting and amazing. The artificial intelligence is quite amazing as the levels progress - you can play for 20 hours on a single game and it gets better and better as the robot tanks and human tanks upgrade themselves. Eventually you can find a pattern of purchasing weapons economically and save enough money to dominate. It is therefore a sort of strategy game although it appears purely arcade to begin with.

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