Dungeon Explorer

RPG 1990 Dos John Murphy Top down Fantasy

A shareware dungeon bound RPG; very immersive

Dungeon Explorer doesn't want to tell you a massive, epic story, it is more than content to have you explore a small, compact, yet brimful with enemies dungeon. If you like it, you can then go on and locate new modules for the game, each one representing a new adventure. Graphically and game style wise, it is very much tributary to the top down role playing games that were all the hype on the NES console, titles such as Final Fantasy (for the way the tile sets look like) and Zelda (for the type of action that the game provides, real time and based on melee and long range weapons). The game is also pretty nifty in that it contains puzzles along the way. Say, you find a door and want to open it – you might either require a key, or you might be in need of solving a puzzles. The action is by no means very fast or very challenging, but it sure is charming in that way that the simple role playing games are: you have to be careful when you press the hit button, don't get in the way of flying projectiles that come your way, and make sure you constantly look for new weapons. So, a great free module, make sure you search for additional ones if you like the style of this one.

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