Dungeon Crawl

RPG 1997 Windows Linley Henzell Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

The subterranean underground (!) awaits exploration!

The title of the game, Dungeon Crawl, captures its essence perfectly. This is a no frills (though lots of fun) dungeon crawler, with a lot of its elements left to chance, as was the case with Rogue or Moria, Roguelike in a word. The same minimalist, black background with while surface elements type of style applies here too; the monsters, the walls, you and everything else is made out of those two colors. It's a step forward from ASCII graphics, but don't expect something extraordinary, something unseen. It's a good, even if classic game, that gets the world rewritten every time you start a new campaign. The good thing, if you like playing as a sorcerer is that this game contains no less than 140 spells, and a plethora of other weapons, for those that love striking their foes from close quarters. Other than that, it can be easier or harder depending on your luck, and the better equipped you are the better the chances of surviving longer. You might also enjoy NetHack if you like these kind of top down minimalist RPGs, with lots of random elements.

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