Earth 2140 Trilogy

Strategy 1997 Windows TopWare Interactive Real time Alternate History Sci fi

Pack containing Earth 2140 plus its two expansions

The future of real time combat was ripe for this game here: Earth 2140 was an original strategy game which saw you transported into a deep future where the two remaining Earthly powers brawl for power and supremacy: UCS, The united Civilized States and the Eurasian Dynasty, ED. Some nod to 1984, anybody?! Well, leaving the backstory behind, the game had quite a lot of aces up its sleeve. The game featured a lot of futuristic units, in both sides, and that was only accentuated by the post apocalyptic setting, which, when considered both graphically as well as in terms of its effects on gameplay, worked very nicely. Gameplay wise it translated into a very fierce battle for resources, as these were scarce. Thus, the game was less of a struggle for whom could amass the most units, but rather a question of fast and precise action. The two addons, Mission Pack 1 and Final Conflict: Mission Pack extended the unit ranks and also tweaked overall balancing. So, all in all, Earth 2140 Trilogy is a great way to get started with this RTS series, in ways similar to Red Alert but with enough elements of novelty to make it worth playing even today.

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