Tribal Rage

Strategy 1998 Windows Empire Interactive Real time Alternate History Science Fiction

Postapocalyptic tactics game; be the chief of a surviving tribe!

In a way similar to Fallout Tactics, this game here does a great job at offering you a very enticing top down tactics game. However, instead of this postapocalyptic world dominated by the 50s trends, this game offers a less beautiful renaissance world, dominated by Earl and Butch types, sort of like, if the world was survived only by truckers! At any rate, how you'll feel about it will remain to be seen, what I can tell you is that the game is a pretty cool production, especially from the point of view of the controls and of the tactical engine used. Sure, it's a bit sparse, with its looks that seem stolen from a prototype of Broodwar, but it's in the interactions where the meat of the game is, and here, it is a decent production, all things considered. It also has an economic portion, so keep that in mind too, think of it a a postapocalyptic strategy game than a focused tactics one, or, even better, a story driven tactics game, to the point where it looks like it could have been an RPG with just a bit more effort! Anyway, give it a try, it's a meaty game, sufficiently well realized not to totally disappoint.

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