Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising

Strategy 2001 Windows Interplay Real time Alternate History Real time strategy Sci fi

Interesting enough to excite our imagination and interest

Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising is a 2001 real-time strategy game with a futuristic setting: the action is set in 2032. The story is captivating and the gameplay is bringing enough enthusiasm for you to stay connected until the end of it. The human being has reached the supreme development concerning the intellect, technological and economical growth, and the war was eradicated. But something decided to take out this paradisaical state, launching a new conflict. And this is the moment when humanity discovers that the peace they experienced was false, their real problems being hid under the mat. There are no war machines left to fight these evil moguls, but one ship is strong enough to be used against them: Antaeus, which is based on nanotechnology. Hostile Waters is a complete 3D game which combines RTS and action elements in a harmonious way. You will have to make plans, attack and harvest resources carefully and thoroughly. You won't have access to the latest technologies only when you reach a significant progress in the game, and this fact is related to the state of the maritimal machine Antaeus. The AI is well-furnished and this game promises enormous positive features, interesting enough to excite our imagination and interest.

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