East Front 2

Strategy 1999 Windows TalonSoft Historical Isometric

A good strategy game with great scenarios

This game is a sequel to the original East Front and carries forward from where it left. A strategic war fare game which has been flooded with a great variety of elements in the form of obstacles and puzzles. This time around they have gone more diversified with the scenarios as there are 50 new and improved scenarios which the developers have added and also have 50 fan made scenarios in it. The scenarios that were there in the original game have also been kept intact and this makes the total numbers to 150. Now that's something which is really rare and will give you a long time on board. This also enhances the replay value in the game. The strategic scope has been supported by a very good A1 which gives you a tough time on air. They have also added some new tweaks like armor facing and the campaign mode which is really interesting and is sprinkled with a lot of unique elements. It also has a multi-player mode which is supported by a modem and also a hotseat for 2 players. The graphics have also been improved this time and so is the UI. A similar game to this series is the West Front.

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