Ecco: The Tides of Time

Arcade 1994 Sega SEGA Anime Item collection Adventure

Going underwater

This follow-up to the classic but rather unexpected smash hit that was Ecco the Dolphin follows closely in its predecessor's footsteps but stands as a genuine sequel which is possibly even better than the original. It combines that mix of compelling gameplay, intriguing storyline and sheer originality to create a great Mega Drive-era experience. This one picks up after the first finished and although you may have thought you defeated the Vortex, it turns out that the Queen actually made it to Earth and is now threatening the world's oceans once more. It thus falls to our bold dolphin hero to step into the breach once more and save the planet before it's too late. Gameplay is similar to the first game and requires the player to explore a series of vast underwater environments, avoiding hazards, battling enemies, and solving puzzles, but instead of being side-on the whole time, the game introduces a viewpoint from behind Ecco to mix things up. The graphics have also seen an overhaul and are now even more impressive than ever and this is just one reason to pick this up. The game really does look lovely with some beautiful environments to explore and which are highly atmospheric. The gameplay too is still just as engaging as ever and the game mixes exploration with adventure to great effect. The storyline is surprisingly deep and actually has something to say about the world which is still relevant today so this is especially attractive if you like your game's to have a bit of substance. However you look at it though, this is a great game.

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