Dynamite Headdy

Arcade 1994 Sega SEGA Platformer Anime Action

Very colorful and dynamic yet simple and playable platformer

For some arcade styled sidescrollers, a too colorful a graphically charged envelope can be a sign of poor content, you know, the developers trying to trick us with graphical glitz rather than with actual level design and what have you. But not with Dynamite Headdy, while this game looks like the saturated colors bottles were open and the cute monster pipe had broken, with all that glitz it also has enough substance, so that you'll really love it, from all points of view. Granted, it's more of a children oriented platformer, so, it might not entice those that want a serious sidescrolling game, but for anyone else this will prove really playable and enjoyable, for those moments when you want color all over! So, yeah it's also well done levels wise, with lots of instances where you need to use your power ups, with diverse enemies, and it takes quite a while for you to get tired or bored. My thinking is, use this in small installments, when you need an adrenaline rush, when you got to recharge your batteries soon. Dynamite Headdy will challenge your reflexes and your planning too, but it never gets too difficult. Gunstar Heroes is a great alternative, as it kind of looks and plays the same, though never exceeding the level of ... bubbliness (!) of DH!

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