Ecoquest: The Search for Cetus

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Crime investigation Point and click

Adam, the Ecologist son adventure!

I wouldn't say that this game is your proper edutainment suite, but it sure tries to educate, without a doubt, and, to a point it makes a case. Anyway, you, Adam, the protagonist is a kid that loves animals. In fact, after you start the game, you are travelling to a new city. There, one of your first adventures will be to befriend a dolphin. But, hey, this is no ordinary dolphin; turns out it can actually talk and it can transport you (and want to do it!) to his ocean city. By way of the magic of games (and suspension of disbelief!) you'll follow him under the sea and will find out more about what needs to be done here, as lots of work is required; there are. Technically it's all done in Sierra age and style point and click, so if you're familiar with that kind of controls you'll feel at home here too. Maybe a bit too preachy a game, so maybe for kids, but then again, if you love undersea life and fantastical stories, this might entice you as well. Otherwise it's not a bad game, maybe just a bit too silly with the story it wants to tell, but then again, we all need a bit of fantasy now and then. PS. If the sea life is not as interesting to you, maybe the rainforest habitat will spark more interest. If that's so, see the second game in the series, which takes you to the rainforest!

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