Innocent Until Caught 2: Guilty

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Crime investigation Point and click

Sequel to Innocent Until Caught; too serious to be fun

Innocent Until Caught 2: Guilty seems to be a graphical adventure that wanted to be directed as serious gamers, maybe, mature gamers. However, it is a game that is guilty of a lot of problems, one of the most hard to look past being that this title is just unfun. Now, a title such as Police Quest did indeed base a lot of its own material on the real activities that policemen were involved in, but, for all intents and purposes made those interactions into palatable puzzles. Not Innocent Until Caught 2: Guilty; this one has a hard time understanding what makes an adventure puzzle cool, and especially it seems not interested in playability at all. Thus, it's futuristic theme, while interesting, with familiar thievery ideas and so on, just lacks that element of catchy-ness, to keep you playing. So, I'd say rather try the first game in the series, Innocent Until Caught and only if you appreciate that one, with its rather poor puzzles and story, then maybe this one too will be to your liking. I found it too dry and too tired to be a good game.

Dont get caught

Innocent Until Caught 2: Guilty is a graphical sci-fi adventure game, originally released in 1995 and published by Psygnosis. It is the sequel to Innocent Until Caught. The main characters of the game are the sleazy Jack and feminine she-com Ysanne, and you get to play the game through both characters, you just have to pick which. The game is not all that different depending on which one you'll take but you can experience both sides of the story and in the game you will be solving different puzzles. The gameplay is the same as it was with the first installment, but it's more about the story than about the game and gameplay itself. The puzzles are easy, easier than in the first game, but not too easy. Graphics are improved from the last game but still not high quality, and the CD version comes with the full voice-over of both characters. Sequels are rarely as good as the original and, unfortunately, this is no exception. If you loved Innocent Until Caught, give this one a try, but don't get your hopes too high, just in case.

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