Ecoquest 2: Lost Secret of Rainforest

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Crime investigation Point and click

Save the rainforest! Protect the environment!

Ecoqueat is a really nice idea to teach kids about the environment and why it is important to preserve it. The second of a two part series (the first being Ecoquest: The search for Cetus)the game follows the protagonist from the last game, Adam, who is now slightly older and able to speak with animals as he explores the tropical rainforest in search of a cure of a disease afflicting the local natives, and a way to save the rainforest from destruction. In the game, you go around the rainforest and talk to the amazingly drawn animals who give you clues what to do or where to go next. The game has beautiful, colorful cartoonish graphics but it is somewhat slow paced in animation. The character takes to long to get from point A to point B. It has a lot of midi music going on in the background and no voice acting which is to be expected since this is an older game. The video clips are very good with good CGI effects to describe the dangerous dinos. Filled with adventure and very educational, this game sends a great message to kids while giving them a really good time. Not a great game for adults though, since they might find it less than challenging and too simple.

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