Operation Stealth

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Delphine Software Crime investigation Point and click Espionage

Tired and inconsistent Bond adventure game

The Bond franchise was pretty popular back in the 90s as well and so game developers would always try to get their hands on the rights to produce games in Bond's universe. This happened with Operation Stealth as well, however, the problem was that the title was not originally meant to include Bond. However, late in the development of the title the producers managed to secure the rights and the subsequent story changes that were made led to a very inconsistent story for the universe. In terms of mechanics, the game is a classic point and click in the style of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or other Lucas Arts classics, but to keep up with the violent nature of Bond, there are also a few action oriented scenes. Given that they may have been added later, they feel out of place and are very stiff, so you will want to skip past them as fast as possible. Other novelty gameplay features include a few mazes as well as underwater diving under the threat of running out of oxygen. Overall, the game is no gem but for the era, the lack of titles set in the Bond universe might prove to be an additional enticement to try this title out as well. I personally was unimpressed even though I like classic adventure games.

Does not work full screen

I used to (like many ppl) playing on my amiga 500, operation stealth was one of my favourite games none of these downloads work, was absolultley gutted says this pc doesnt support full screen mode...

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